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Career Futurist & Career Success Coach

Samantha Ng

If there is only one thing you need to know about me, it is this - I believe Education transforms lives. 

I have been in the space of Professional Training and Coaching for the past decade, working with thousands of students and adults in Asia. We experienced the Great Reset caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and it was exceptional for many of us. Following closely is the Great Resignation that started in early 2021 as many professionals start to re-evaluate their career choices. With this Big Quit, we are starting to see the Great Reshuffle happening throughout 2022 and beyond.  Because of my interaction with many working professionals and business owners, I get first-hand experience of what is happening on the ground. 

Everywhere we look around the world, jobs will be the central challenge of the near future. We are in a global jobs crisis. To be ready for the future, we need to re-gear ourselves, we need to think long-term. Some of today’s firms and jobs will have to be let go, to enable new growth and more promising jobs to be created. 

Covid-19 could also be a blessing in disguise because it allows many professionals to re-look into their career choices. More people are taking deliberate steps in their careers to match their needs.

The future is already here, it is just not widely distributed, yet.

This is a topic very close to my heart. While I can empathise with the frustrations and sense of loss from many people that I work with, rushing into getting any kind of job/ reskilling/ upskilling/ new skilling may not always be a wise choice without strategic planning. 

In crucial times, every decision is even more critical than ever. 

I felt helpless witnessing these heartbreaking moments and unknowingly from the course of my work, I felt that I have the obligation to create this workshop – to inform, to educate, to empower, turning a helpless situation into something that we can take more control of. For many, this is not an easy task because we are simply not equipped to navigate in a world of unorganised information.

We are bound together is the common space that we share, to co-exist together, to survive and thrive. Experts have said that the current times we are living in is VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous). I will like to add that it is HYPER-VUCA we are in right now. The pandemic has forced us to pivot at unprecedented speed. Take a look at what is happening in different countries now, there is just way too much unknown unknowns.  

Putting together years of experience and resources, coupled with many practical strategies that you can implement immediately, I encourage you to join me in Becoming Irreplaceable.

Samantha has also worked with hundreds of business owners and thousands of professionals across sectors such as Education, Healthcare, Logistics, Information Technology, Real Estate, Banking & Finance, Energy, Engineering, Consumer Services, Entertainment, Media, Health & Fitness, Food & Beverages.

What Our Participants Have To Say

The workshop has drastically increased my awareness of understanding the market changes and its implications. During the workshop, we are being taught a structured process in planning my career plan. If you would like to have a deep-dive career planning, this is definitely the workshop that you should attend.

Cynthia Ng Client Manager

I have learnt alot especially on the part of personal analysis and profiling, it allows me to understand myself better and what are the areas I should be improving on.

Tan Sok Theng IT Engineer

The workshop serves as a wake up call for me as we should always plan ahead for our career.  A lot of models taught in this workshop has helped me to plan for my career. I really enjoy Smanatha's workshop and it will be beneficial for anyone as it gives an interesting perspective for career planning and market trends.

Joyce Coach
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