Shocking Fact!!!


In other words, robots will wipe out millions of jobs…

To make matters worse…

COVID-19 Is Causing Activity To Collapse And Unemployment To Soar…

According to Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCED), the impact on jobs caused by COVID-19 crisis has been an astounding 10 TIMES bigger than that of the 2007-2008 Global Financial Crisis.


And unemployment will remain high into 2021.

The world is changing and this change is accelerating due to COVID-19.

In order to win, or even survive, companies and organisations worldwide are FORCED to transform digitally at a tremendous pace, eliminating numerous old jobs which are, and will not be essential in the coming years.

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    So Why Should You Care?

    The Bad News Is:

    We can no longer approach our careers in the same way as we do in the past. The formula of “go to school, get a degree, get a job and life will be good”, no longer applies.


    In 2020, we witnessed many businesses FAIL. Even long-established MNCs were not spared. As a result, many people became unemployed. With the forced adoption of digitalization throughout the world, we will see more technologies being used over humans.


    Job security is no longer exists in this exponentially changing world.
    Work and Jobs will never be the same again…

    In other words, it’s a matter of time that you will become JOBLESS if you choose not to do anything about it now!


    This brings us to an immediate concern:

    So How Can You Still Excel Despite These Challenging Circumstances?

    “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

    The Good News Is:

    Yes, there is still hope…


    Introducing Project Jobless…

    Project Jobless is a movement which seeks to impact 1 million lives, by empowering fellow human beings to do meaningful work and be future-ready, so that they can achieve a fulfilling and happy life. We want to build a community to support everyone to be future-ready.


    One thing that binds us together is the common space that we share, to co-exist together, to survive and thrive. Experts have said that the current times we are living in is VUCA. A fanciful term meaning, we are living in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world. With the recent pandemic, we are forced to pivot at unprecedented speed. For many, this is not an easy task because we are simply not equipped to navigate in a world of unorganised information.

    "Project Jobless: Becoming Irreplaceable" Live Webinar is a 2-hour Session To Empower Individuals To Become Irreplaceable

    In this “live” webinar, you will learn and implement our proven “Career Playbook” to Excel in the Digital Economy. You will get powerful insights and tools to position yourself to thrive in hyper-disruptive 2020s.


    This is a session specially designed and crafted to give control back to you. You will :

    Decode Yourself To Excel

    This includes decoding your own personality from reports, uncovering your strengths, values and career interests, discovering your passion and purpose, and living your dreams.

    Identify The Principles To Win In Life

    Position yourself for the world trends.

    Educate Yourself

    To pivot for success by filling the gaps in your skills and weaknesses.

    This is not your conventional classroom-based learning and theories. We are committed to share with you the principles and strategies that we have personally used in advancing our careers and helped thousands to do so. 

    Upcoming Session:

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      Unravel The Power Of Our Strategic Career Playbook To Win In This Fast-Changing World

      Adrian Pridgeon

      "Attending the course made me see the importance of planning to achieve goals and dreams. The trainer has provided valuable insights and advice. I am looking forward to the NEW ME and making changes in my life for the better, not just for me but for my family too. Thank you!"

        At Project Jobless, we want to impact a million lives, and allow many people in the world to have the opportunity to transform their lives profoundly, through our live webinar

        Who Should Attend?

        Zhang Jia

        “ In this 2 days of Career Workshop, I have gained more clarity on what I really want to do to fulfill my dream. I learnt how to change a dream into a goal, and work on it on my daily life… I am more confident about making my dreams come true, and also got to see a bigger picture to achieve certain goals. I enjoy working on my dreams in such a motivating and warm environment…”

          About The Trainer

          Samantha Ng

          Career Futurist & Career Success Coach

          Career Consultant & Mentor; Career Development Facilitator; International Certified Behavioral & Career Consultant; LinkedIn China职业导师; Education Content Creator at TikTok Singapore;WeChat Online Learning Certified Course Trainer; Managing Director of Experiential Learning Education Business in China

          Past Organisation Engagements

          Samantha has also worked with hundreds of business owners and thousands of professionals across sectors such as Education, Healthcare, Logistics, Information Technology, Real Estate, Banking & Finance, Energy, Engineering, Consumer Services, Entertainment, Media, Health & Fitness, Food & Beverages.

          From the desk of Samantha Ng, Principal Trainer for Project Jobless: Becoming Irreplaceable


          I have been in the space of Professional Training and Coaching for the past decade, working with countless students and adults. I called 2020 Covid Year and it was exceptional for many of us. Because of my work with many professionals and business owners, I got first-hand experience and interaction of what is happening on ground in the market space. 

          Everywhere we look around the world, jobs will be the central challenge of the future. We are in a global jobs crisis. . In order to be ready for the future, we need to re-gear ourselves, we need to think long-term.

          Some of today’s firms and jobs will have to be let go, to enable new growth and more promising jobs to be created. 

          The future is already here, it is just not widely distributed, yet.

          This is a topic very close to my heart. While I can empathise the frustrations and sense of loss from many people that I work with, and urgency for some to get back into work because they need to put food on the table, rushing into getting any kinds of jobs may not always be a wise choice without strategic planning.

          One may end up having to go through the cycle repeatedly and it is emotionally draining. In crucial times, every decision is even more critical than ever. This is the reason why I felt that I have the obligation to create this workshop – to inform, to educate, to empower, turning a helpless situation into something that we can take more control of. 

          I decided to put together my years of experience and resources, coupled with many practical strategies that you can implement immediately. I encourage you to join me in Project Jobless – Becoming Irreplaceable Program to becoming really irreplaceable.


          Rachel Tew

          “ Like what the trainer told us before, there is no magic rule which fit everyone and we must plan our future or we are going to fit into others’ plan. This program is the most unique programs that I have ever attended, but it did force me to think of many questions seriously…”

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