SHOCKING! 85 Million Jobs May Be Displaced by Automation by 2025…

In other words, 43% of businesses are set to reduce their workforce due to technology integration.

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Covid-19 pandemic is not just a health crisis, it is also an economic crisis. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCED), the impact on jobs caused by Covid-19 crisis has been an astounding 10 TIMES bigger than that of the 2007-2008 Global Financial Crisis.


Why Should You Care?

#1 You are no longer competitive in the new workforce and potentially facing retrenchment. 

The world is changing and this change is accelerated by COVID-19. Experts have recently termed this phenomenon The Great Reset.  In order to survive and thrive, companies and organisations worldwide are FORCED to transform digitally at a tremendous pace, eliminating numerous old jobs functions that are, and will not be essential in the coming years. The bad news is that we can no longer approach our careers in the same way as we do in the past. The formula of “go to school, get a degree, get a job, and life will be good”, no longer applies.

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#2: You are feeling dissatisfied with your past & current situations, and this is affecting your overall wellness.

The ongoing global pandemic has enabled workers to rethink about their career choices and options, with work-from-home becoming the new norm, more working professionals are also reconsidering their working conditions and long-term goals. This led to The Great Resignation (also known as the Big Quit) that started in early 2021 in US and spreading towards the rest of the world by mid 2021, continuing into 2022.


#3: You do not how to position yourself for success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0)

Riding on the great resignation, employers and employees are taking deliberate steps in their hiring and careers to best match their needs. The Great Reshuffle will create a fresh workplace dynamic. All workers will have to invest in themselves that can strategically hone their skills, while organisations are tapping into broader talent pools to stay competitive and for continued growth in an evolving market.


The Good News is that… there is always hope.

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