Keynote #1:
Happy Employees, Happier Employers


Wellness means overall well-being.

To improve the quality of our lives, all eight interconnected dimensions of wellness must be taken into consideration. There is no one aspect more important than the other. It is an ongoing process and a lifelong journey. Occupational wellness is defined as gaining personal satisfaction and enrichment from one’s work, whether that be academic work while in college or a job after graduation

The importance of finding joy, purpose and satisfaction in your career cannot be undervalued.  Enjoying what you do is a critical aspect of your health and well-being. It involves balancing work and leisure time, building relationships with peers and managing everyday stress. It also highlights, and helps people understand, the idea that every person has value and a unique set of skills and experiences that should be shared for the benefit of all.

Goals for your Occupational Wellness:

Join Samantha as she walks you through the various habits you can develop to build a healthy, lasting and happy career. Please contact us at for engagement.

Keynote #2:
Enhancing your Employability through Quality Education

Education enables upward socioeconomic mobility.

As an educational company, providing quality education matters to us because we believe that education can transform lives, foster tolerance and in turn, build peaceful societies. The importance of inclusive education cannot be undervalued.  

In efforts to participate in achieving Goal 4 Targets, we are committed to promoting lifelong learning opportunities or all, by educating and equipping more youth and adults with relevant skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship.

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